(Two hours)
Based on ancient Indian Ayurveda systems, we begin with a sinus cleansing and facial massage with pressure points combined with steam inhalation. Next is a dry exfoliation of the body with gloves that remove dry skin. A vigorous Ayurvedic massage follows, which will increase circulation and moisturize the skin. A steam tent is positioned over the body on the massage table to warm the body and assist in the removal of toxins through sweating. Finish with a guided meditation, allowing experience of total rejuvenation for the mind, body, and spirit.
*Contraindications to receiving this service are: high or low blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, or women’s cycle.

TURKISH SCRUB ………….. 90.00
(Sixty minutes)
An exhilarating, brisk double exfoliation. Once with loofah-like gloves, next with Dead Sea Salts, rich in minerals and trace elements, mixed with essential oils. This treatment stimulates circulation, leaving skin smooth and soft. Rinse with a shower included.
*Do not shave twenty-four hours prior to this service. Not recommended during pregnancy.

LEMON TWIST ………….. 100.00
(Sixty-five to seventy-five minutes)
Infused with a scent of lemon, this is an invigorating treatment meant to stimulate your senses. The treatment begins with a sugar-based exfoliation followed by a warm shea butter and citrus mask applied with a brush to the body. A Steamy Wonder tent is then positioned over the body to maximize the benefits of the mask. A full body moisturization finishes your experience. Rinse with shower included.

(Sixty-five to seventy-five minutes)
Utilizing the aromas of peppermint and anise in the Aveda Comforting Tea provides a wonderful detoxifying experience. The treatment begins with a foot soak. While lying on a massage table, warm oil is then applied before towels infused with Aveda Comforting Tea are wrapped around the body. A Steamy Wonder tent is then positioned over the body to continue the detoxification. While luxuriating in the steam, a scalp massage will be performed followed by cool compresses placed over the eyes. A relaxing foot massage followed by a full body moisturization concludes the treatment. Rinse with shower included.

(Fifty minutes)
Renew mind & body with this stimulating and nurturing wrap utilizing many acupressure points. Smooths and softens skin while essences of rosemary, peppermint, lavender, and marjoram awaken the senses. Scalp and foot massage help to balance the body.
Not recommended for pregnant women

EAR CANDLING ………….. 45.00
(Forty-five minutes)
A natural, indigenous system with an herbal cylinder placed in the ear, lit on the opposite end to create a vacuum that removes wax and toxins. Relieves pressure and inner ear blockage.

SINUS CLEANSING ………….. 30.00
(Twenty to twenty-five minutes)
A combination of facial lymphatic massage and pressure points combined with steam inhalation using essential oils, such as eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, or ginger.

All prices subject to change.